Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Another email from the past.

ST just sent me this email that I had sent her 2 years ago. It was one of those seasons when I was quite enjoying American Idol and every week I would write a review of the episode and email it to my sisters.

Here is one such review....

Guys Review round two. We have gone from 12 guys to 10 losing Mr. Stamm...oops I mean Patrick and Bobby. I wasn't surprised to see Bobby go but I expected that Patrick would last a week longer than Bucky.

Taylor - Easy Like Sunday Morning - I love that he's first and that he's wearing a pin striped suit. Plus this is a great song. Wait....did he just call his touque a taboggan? Is that what the Yanks call it? That's so weird. I'm now picturing him with a sled on his head.
oooooh he just winked at me. He is doing a pretty decent job of the song. I like the quality of his voice. I could see him performing at Rossini's on a Saturday afternoon. I love that when he talks he says whoo! after everything....although I bet that would get old pretty quick. eep he did the finger thing for his number to call. noooooooooo
Final Rating - 8 taboggans out of 10

Elliot - Mood For Love - His ears are really low on his head....I'll have to email Mel's dad and tell him he is right. Elliot's voice is smooth as silk...I could listen to him sing all day. There's something about the tone of his voice that goes right to my heart. He nailed this song and again I'm surprised that that voice comes out of him. It's sad how superficial I am. He might be the very best. Oh and he gets a standing O from Randy. Plus no fingers (especially if I interpret him holding up two fingers for a second as him just flashing a peace sign)
FR - 5 singing sensations out of 5

Side topic - On the view Star Jones is praising Elliot saying you would never expect that voice out of him and she would buy his album in an instant.

Ace - If I'm Not Made For You - He's really not that cute. the more I look at him the less cute I find him. I could see him end up being a rock star on a soap opera a la Michael Damien (Rock On).Whats up with these Americans and their crazy names for hats....beanie, taboggan...they are both touques. I am not loving this song and his voice seems to be all over the place but holy high note. I would send him home based on this performance. It was nowhere close to Elliot's.
I'm shocked that Randy and Paula liked it. Simon agrees with me. Ace looks so pale that I'm afraid he might faint. No fingers.
FR - 2 skull caps out of 7

Gedeon - Change is coming - He could narrate childrens stories. He has an animated story telling voice. Wow - he really has such an old sounding voice - it's lovely. I think that he will go far in the competition and be a star no matter what happens. Again no fingers. I'm starting to think that these guys discussed this and all agreed (except taylor) that holding up fingers is tacky and they all made a pact not to do it. Holy crap, he is only 18 years-old. WTF!
FR - 13 Sam Cookes out of 15

Cousin Matty - Oops I mean Kevin - Heard It Through The Grapevine - Great song - I hope he does it well. Is it my tv or the lighting on the set? All of these white boys look paler than pale but with rosy cheeks. At least they put blush on. He is doing alright with the song but it's like a karaoke performance. Maybe he is distracted by being a burgeoning sex symbol (his declaration - not mine. I would never talk about Cousin Matty that way) He doesn't seem committed to the song. he is lucky that those millions of 12 year-old girls will be committed to calling to keep him on the show.
FR - 9 sssufferring ssssuccotashes out of 16

Time out here to say that I can't believe how much I am agreeing with what Simon says. I'm an English cad. Ooh weird - cousin Matty is the exact same height as Ryan Seacrest. That's tall for a three year-old.

Sway - Overjoyed - Choosing your song because it is well known is a good idea but telling the world that's why you chose it, is not. he just wants his family to be a family again - sniff sniff. American Idol as a Parent reuniting tactic - is that so much to ask. I think that he worked at Aldo in Guildford mall in '95. He is good but still nowhere near Elliot. I might think that Elliot is king. I don't have much to say about Sway. I'm not crazy about his voice...but I'm feeling bad about the judges being so hard on him. He's holding back the tears.....maybe if he gets through he'll sing Simply Red next week. no fingers - they totally discussed this
FR - 1 pair of size 7 slingback pumps out of 4

Will - Lady - What the...? When they cut away to commercial before his song he looked taller and older. What are they doing to him in Hollywood. Those skanky girl contestants are making him a man (maybe it's just his puberty spurt) Hmmm his pants are even too short. I couldn't help giggling when he started singing....he sounds great, better than last week even, but now I am staring to picture him as a young-looking 40 year-old Leo Sayer. Does this mean I look like Leo Sayer too since I think Will looks like me? He could end up on Broadway. Again he is sickly pale and again no fingers.
FR - 8 rainbow suspenders (shout out to Leo) out of 11

Bucky - Thunder Rose - Now I would have sent Bucky home after last week so I am ready to pan him here. He has purdy eyes. When he holds the mic in such a way that hides his facial hair I can picture him as a girl. He did a really good job with this song. It suited his voice and style. He held out to the very last second before flashing 8 fingers. Oh Bucky how could you - the pact, bucky, the pact
FR - 16 pretty ladies out of 21

David - The Way You Look Tonight - I was pretty hard on David last night and he wasn't even singing. He is looking better in his taped video talking about the best thing so far in Hollywood. His hair is off his face and he is telling a funny story about his belt. I do love a crooner as I've said before but he can't quite pull it off. He warbles too much. I think that he will get voted off this week. Again he is really really pale....I gotta check my tv set..but Ryan looks fine beside them so it's not my set. It is them. They really must do their own make-up. No fingers - at least he's got that going for him.
FR - 6 see you laters out of 13

Chris - Hemmorrage - I am looking forward to his performance tonight. I think he has the IT factor. He is hot too....maybe the hottest one there. He calls his wife's kids "my kids" - that made me like him even more. Great voice, great presence, great perfomance. Definately the most interesting and memorable performance tonight. Cowell called it "the only performance that would stand up in the real world" and the bar has been set. I agree.
FR - 45 #1 dads out of 45

So my Top 6 Hit List for guys is

*Chris These three were the
*Elliot best performances tonight

Will - Kevin or Bucky could take this place if their fans are hard core enough.

I predict that David and Sway will be sent home this week.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Funny email

ST just sent this to me. It is an email I sent her on Sept 10, 2006 and it made me giggle.


it is 11:35 and I am accidentally drunk. I thought I was drinking boone's sangria all night. which is like 5% alcohol and shouldn'tget me drunk in ways I'm not expecting. Then I find out well into my 4th glass of it (and I'm feeling fine. and I mean fine in the I am feeling fiiiinnnne sense) that Rob is adding brandy to it everytime he pours me a fresh one.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Nothing to do!

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I have designed my life in such a way that I have nothing to do today. Ok, well that isn't entirely true. I am supposed to be at a conference all weekend but I decided on Thursday that I wasn't going to go.

The hours were ridiculous Friday and Saturday 9am -11pm and Sunday 8am - 7pm.

When I signed up for this, I knew the hours sucked but I somehow believed I'd go anyways. As it got closer and closer, I just couldn't bear the idea of spending that much time doing something I wasn't all that interested in. Plus forgive me my suspicions but there is a part of me that just thinks this workshop is some kind of brainwashing, cultish, cash-grab.

So, I do have things I could do today. I just don't feel like doing what I could do. Cleaning is always at the top of my list for things to do with a day off and I will probably get around to that later but for now, I'm just chilling out drinking tea and writing a blog post.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Okay, okay! I'm writing. I'm writing!

Hi all.

So I've gotten some feedback that I have been taking far too long to write a new post. A lot has been going on and I have been really busy but that is no excuse. I just haven't been in the mood to write about anything. The few times I have signed in to write a new post, I have stared at a blank screen with a blank mind.

I'm not even so sure what to write about right now. I know! Facebook. There has been a lot happening on facebook for me recently.

I have reconnected with friends from long ago. Facebook will have that affect on your life, I have found. Every person that I have tried to track down with no luck has eventually found me instead. The most recent being my best friend from waaayyyy back in the day. I started to type that we were friends in elementary school but I'm having a hard time believing I was ever that young.

I have tried many times to track her down and last week, she found me. We've emailed back and forth a few times and it is so good to hear how she is doing. She is married with a baby and living in Calgary. We haven't been in touch for about 16 years so there is so much to catch up on. My past is so wrapped up with hers. I can't quite imagine how different my youth would have been if I hadn't been friends with her.

I have also reconnected with 2 of my ex managers from Le Chateau, on facebook. We got together today for lunch and it was great seeing them again. They are opening a new store near me and so I actually got to see a whole slew of people I used to work with. Again, so much of my past is wrapped up in these people. They had such a lasting impact on me and have always held a very special place in my heart. So many memories!!

There are two more people that I have reconnected with on facebook that I will hopefully get together with soon. One of them was a very good friend of mine when I was in my early 20's and I'm not so sure how we grew apart. We are planning on getting together in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to it. The other one is a friend from high school. I will hopefully being seeing her and her new daughter within the next few weeks as well.

Facebook! It's a crazy thing!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

And the award goes to.....Fionna!

My friend, Fionna is a burgeoning photographer. Her photos are lovely. I actually created a flickr acount today just so I could start commenting on her photos. Everytime I look through her photostream, I think to myself that I would like to have some of these pictures blown up and framed and hanging in my apartment.

For practice, Fionna came over to my house on Easter Sunday and we did a photoshoot with Cooper and I. You can click here to see the pics of that shoot and peruse the rest of her beautiful work. She also wins the award for best photo of me EVER!

And to be as vain as humanly possible (well maybe not quite that vain - otherwise I would somehow figure out how to make this picture everyone's wallpaper through some kind of virus) I am posting the picture here as large as I can make it.

Thank you Fionna!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

One more for good measure.

So entertaining!

Dance Party Friday

I can't get enough of this guy! On Fridays at 5:45AM when the roads are clear, the Dance Party begins on Local 12's Good Morning Cincinnati. There are a number of these on youtube and they are all pretty entertaining!