Thursday, 30 December 2010

Moving Pictures

I had planned on writing about movies but I left the list that I was going to be working from at home. I have seen 45 movies in the theatre this year and yesterday I started organizing them into categories. My categories are very general as of right now. They are pretty much 'loved it', 'liked it', 'it was ok', didn't like it' and 'hated it'. All I can remember off the top of my head right now is that my 'loved it' list had 9 movies on it. I figure I need a top ten list so I am going to go see The King's Speech tonight and hopefully that will round out the ten best. If not though, I am happy to have a top nine - it's original at least.

I always think that I am going to try and see 52 movies in a year just so I can say I have averaged one a week but I always seem to fall right around 45. I don't want to see crap just to fill a quota so I let the flicks fall where they may and see what I want to see. Usually without any regrets. I think the only 2 movies I have recently regretted paying to see were The Ugly Truth and Zack and Miri make a Porno - both terrible movies!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Prepping for the Year in Review

I started thinking about 'My Year in Review' this morning while I was in the shower - the shower seems to be a great thinking place for me. I had reread my YiR blog post for 2009 not too long ago and was thinking of that as a gauge for this year's YiR and I realized something fairly interesting.

2009 was a tough year but I had a long list of great things to write about too. It was a memorable year in that a lot happened both good and bad (although in hindsight is the bad ever really bad). 2010 was a lot more understated. There are big things...The Olympics, dating, school, holidays...but it still seems like less. I haven't finished compiling my list yet so I know I am missing some things. I should hopefully have the post up by the end of the week though so we'll see.

*Update - upon some reflection, I've decided that yes, sometimes the bad is actually just really bad.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Nearly didn't post this one...

I am tucked away right now, in the corner of a local cozy coffee shop. I chose this particular coffee shop today because of it's location and it's coffee. I often pick where I am going to go based on the clientele - more specifically, men. I like to go where the men hang out. As a single girl for the past *cough* years, I find it's a good thing to put yourself in situations where other singles may be hanging out.

So here's the thing with that plan - I'm not a single girl anymore. Old habits are hard to break though and I find myself still thinking like a single girl. So today when trying to decide where to go and write, the first places that came to mind are the men-centric places. Not that I ever met an available, age appropriate or straight guy at any of the places I frequent. When I remembered that my goal today was to write and not scope out available men, it narrowed my choices of where to go down to two. This one won out because it's got the best atmosphere.

*I have to interrupt my own writing to let you know that I am listening to a playlist while I write and Bad Bad Leroy Brown is playing and I am slightly rocking out.

So, back to me not being a single girl. This is new. Six weeks new...well, actually almost eight weeks but he's been away for the past two so they are harder to count. Since he's been gone, my life has mostly gone back to exactly what it was before we met and so it adds to the confusion of trying to remember not to think like a single girl. Before he left, he referred to himself as my boyfriend and when I talked to him today he talked about our 'relationship' so clearly I need to break the single girl thought process.

I had thought that when I started dating that I would blog about it, share the stories with everyone. Well, it turns out I am far more private than I expected. Even as I type this, I am contemplating deleting the whole post.

The single girl lifestyle has been mostly very good to me over the years. I went back to school, moved into the city, started a new career, found my passions (writing, painting, school, movies, God, my friends, myself), I have a rich and full social life, I have great friends and am rarely ever bored or lonely (and I've been lonelier while in relationships than I ever have been as a single girl - the loneliness is far more acute when you're not alone). But the single girl lifestyle also had a ceiling and it was fast approaching.

So, I don't know that I will be blogging about my adventures in dating as I had thought I would. Maybe as I get more comfortable with it, I will write more about it. As it stands right now though, this will have to be enough.