Monday, 15 February 2010

And away we go!

The Olympics are finally here!

We are 4 days in and I am exhausted. I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of everything I have going for me during these two weeks: I live in the city, I am off work, I don't have kids. I had initially thought that I was the perfect age to enjoy everything...old enough to appreciate it, old enough to drink, old enough to pretty much do anything I want. I forgot that I am now too old to party all night long without any consequences. Not that I've tried because I am also at an age where after a full day of walking and taking in all the sites, all I want to do at 9pm is put my feet up, chillax with some mindless tv and go to bed.

I will definitely make a point of checking out the nightlife but it will be the event of my day when I do - not tagged on at the end of a long day of festivities. It's one or the other for me.

So far I have been loving being out and about. I have spent so much time walking around our fair city (and I don't use the word lightly - this has been the warmest winter Olympics ever - way to go Vancouver) and taking everything in. And there is still so much to do and see.

Highlights so far include:
  • seeing the torch
  • the 4D movie at the Ontario Pavilion
  • the green carpet (AstroTurf) and beers at the Saskatchewan Pavilion
  • talking to all the locals and tourists that we wait in lines with
  • seeing musicians at Granville Island, way up in the air, suspended from a crane while playing
  • celebrating Canada's first home gold with other proud Canadians at Atlantic Canada House
  • the glorious weather yesterday dispelling Vancouver's rainy reputation
  • seeing groups of athletes(?) from other countries walking around the city (we saw one of the Russians smoking - always surprised to see someone smoking)
  • the light show between English Bay and Vanier park
  • and hanging out with friends while doing all these things.

I just got a text about going out tonight...looks like it'll either be the Heineken House or Sloan at Atlantic Canada House (which is the backstage lounge on Granville Island - Sloan in a TINY venue = cool).

Glad I'm taking it easy today to gear up for tonight. I'm sure it'll be grand whatever we do.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I am sitting in a computer lab at school and the guy beside me is furiously (and I mean FURIOUSLY) picking his nose. It is so unsettling that I can't concentrate on anything else. The movement of it, out of the corner of my eye, is even giving me motion sickness. He stops for a bit, types and then goes back to it. So now I am of course horrified at how filthy and disgusting the keyboard he is using is and that he could have very well been using THIS computer yesterday and now I am typing over his grimy, snotty germs.


I am actually covering half my face so as to block him out while I sit here. Must.Go.Wash.Hands.Now.