Friday, 8 August 2008

Chilling like ice cream filling...

So here I am sitting in a computer lab, at a computer, with nothing particular on my mind to write about. Em and I are at work (if you can call this work today) and the students are in groups writing papers based on finding info on the computer - hence being in the computer lab.

They have 3 hours to complete their papers and so Em and I have 3 hours to do...whatever. I have already perused facebook, perez hilton, IMDb, my email and checked out the Olympics opening ceremonies online and I still have 2 hours and 10 minutes to spare.

I am leaving work early today because I am going away for the weekend. Dad, Stef and I are going to Kelowna for a couple of days and I am so looking forward to it. We are flying up this evening to avoid the 5 hour drive and staying late on Sunday to really milk the most time out of this trip.

My intention for the weekend is to lay in the shade by the pool, swim, play crib and yahtzee, eat well, drink well, and relax. Since we are flying up and staying in a pretty nice hotel, I feel like this is an actual vacation. I don't really get many of those you know.

I go on a road trip up to the Okanagan every summer and that is generally it for me and traveling. I did get to Vegas this past December but that was my first trip since going to Hawaii in 1999. I would love to go away more often and travel and vacation all over the world but that costs money and right now it doesn't fit in the budget. So as you can imagine with flying there and staying in a luxury villa, I am super happy about this weekend.

In other news...

I have received more orders for the Cooptown book than I ever expected. It's flying off the shelves. Ok, well not really, since there are no shelves but it is selling better than I thought it would. My original plan was to print 12 copies, cross my fingers and hope they sold. I thought maybe 10 people will want Cooptown and they'll all be family members who feel like they should buy it to support me.

This is where I explain though, that this was how I felt before I had the finished product in my hand. Once the book was delivered to me and I got to see it and I mean really SEE it, I realized that Cooptown is great. And sweet, and fun and a real cartoon. Now I am wondering how on earth the orders have slowed down - jk jk. It is really exciting though and I want to thank all of you who have supported me. Either by buying a copy or by being a Cooptown follower and enthusiast.

Alright, so I still have nearly 2 hours of hanging out in a computer lab but I think I'll go check out Pink is the new blog now. I'll write more if I get bored or find more to say.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

A list for fun

I'm in a listing mood. If you've ever read my bio on the right side of your screen then you know I love lists.
So I am going to write a list.

Things I love;

Orange juice
laughing til I cry
when my cat runs sideways
songs that make my heart sing/soar/ache
any shade of green
my family
the smell of rain after a dry spell
going out for breakfast
cool summer mornings before it heats up
the smell of rosemary
being in the middle of a good book that I don't want to end
Wii boxing (bowling and tennis too)
a good cup of tea
my friends
clean sheets
my cat's breath
making someone laugh
figuring out the answer to any yellow card in Cranium
going to movies
how absolutely silent it gets when it snows
the smell of bacon