Sunday, 27 January 2008

Happy Birthday Stef!

It is now tradition to write this for you on your birthday!

Steffie it's your birthday.
God Bless you this day.
You gave me the gift of a big sister
and I'm proud of you today
Steffie it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Steffie!
Steffie it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Steffie!
I wish you love and goodwill.
I wish you peace and joy.
I wish you better than your heart desires.
and a good first kiss from a boy.
Steffie it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Steffie!
Steffie it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Steffie!

Thursday, 24 January 2008


If you click on the green 'sheesh' in the last post, it will link you to the official Cloverfield webpage where you can watch the trailer for it.

Cloverfield is a movie. We saw it last week and because of the style it is filmed in (think Blair Witch but even shakier) I spent most of the movie feeling quite queasy. The premise (copied from myTELUS) is; A video camera records the horrific events that unfold as a monstrous creature attacks New York, leaving death and destruction in its wake

It's a great movie though, and a week later I am still thinking about it and talking about it with anyone who has seen it. I have read a ton of reviews both good and bad and the one that I like the most is by Wil Wheaton. If you haven`t seen the movie and would like to, then DO NOT READ the review as it gives away very important parts of the story. If you have seen it or don`t care to but still want to read the review then you can see it here.

Sunday, 20 January 2008



Most obnoxious neighbours EVER!

Remember the coughers who lived in the building across from me? Well, they were annoying...all that pot smoking and subsequent coughing drove me nuts. My neighbours below me take the cake on obnoxious though.

They woke me repeatedly throughout the night last night, screaming at each other and banging on things. They fight on a pretty regular basis and the fights are always explosive screaming matches that usually take place from two different rooms in the apartment. She'll be in the bedroom and he'll be in the living room and therefore I can hear every word of their fights. They had one about a month ago that ended with her screaming "You're mean! You're a jerk! You're not a very nice person! I don't want to be with you anymore!"

I was thrilled. In my world, that actually means you leave. Relationship over. I've never had the type of relationship where you fight and scream and yell and I don't ever want one like that. And I'm not just talking boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships; I mean parental, sibling, friends...whatever, I've never worked that way. I would hate it. Some people might love it but those people should not live in apartment buildings with thin walls. Or at the very least, they should schedule their fights so that they happen mid-day when nobody is trying to sleep.

I should have held off on feeling thrilled that they were done. No one left. No one moved out. No one broke up with anyone. Instead they stayed together to keep the fight alive.

I should mention that when they aren't fighting, they are enjoying their time together listening to rap. Oh wait, I mean we are listening to rap since it's loud enough that I could sing along and dance if I chose to do so. I did actually do this one night in my pyjamas and high heels so that they could hear how much I was enjoying Gangsta's Paradise. High heels on a hardwood floor is the perfect back beat for Tupac. I guess they didn't agree because they turned the music down quite a bit.

So last night, the fighting started around 2am. It was happening in bouts and they'd be silent for so long that I would finally drift back to sleep thinking it's over, only to wake up half an hour later to some indiscernible insult and the sound of something being banged repeatedly against the wall. The lack of sleep and the negative energy rising up through my floor was making me madder and madder. I lay there thinking of revenge. I'd try and block their negativity. Think nice thoughts, think nice thoughts. This became my mantra. For about 5 seconds. And then I'd be back to revenge. I'll set my alarm for 6am and make a racket, see how they like it.

Oh I forgot to mention that I even had ear plugs in.

Ok, so, I finally fell into a deep sleep around the same time I could hear birds chirping and see that the sky was getting lighter. At around 9am, Cooper came into my room meowing loudly enough for me to hear him through my ear plugs. And then I heard, "Shut up! Shut the FUCK up!" from the lovely *cough* lady *cough* downstairs. I have no idea if it was related to Cooper meowing or not but my gut reaction was to keep Cooper quiet and feel mildly guilty. Well, screw that. I lay in bed for a bit longer, exhausted but unable to fall back to sleep and so I got up.

I am writing this post while it is still fresh (it's 10:40am) and then I am going to put some music on, open my windows and do a nice big pre-spring cleaning. All that moving around and opening and closing cupboards and doors. I think I might even dress up to do it. My heels look great with these pyjamas.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Wolverine or Cyclops?

I rented all of the X-Men movies last night. I have developed a small affection for James Marsden after seeing Hairspray, Enchanted and 27 Dresses, and I wanted to see him in more movies. I checked out his filmography on IMDb to see what else he's done that I can rent and he has been in a lot of things. And a lot of them I have already seen without feeling overly crushy or smitten with him. Even The Notebook. That movie is all about Ryan Gosling for me.

I wasn't in the mood for romance or was an action/sci fi/fantasy night through and through. I had a lot to choose from in those categories since it looks like he does a lot of Superhero movies. I've never seen anything in the X-Men series and they keep making movies. Clearly someone thinks they're good.

During my research on IMDb, I saw a question posed by someone on a message board. They asked; Girls? Cyclops or Wolverine? In my mind, I scoffed. Easy answer. Cyclops, who is played by James Marsden, of course. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and he has never done anything for me.

So I rented all 3 movies and watched the first 2 last night. About halfway through the first movie, I realized how wrong I was. Wolverine is the man! Cyclops is pretty and all but Wolverine ...hello!

The movies are good. I had no idea what to expect and I was entertained. I have them for a week and am not sure when I'll get around to the 3rd movie. Hopefully soon. I've enjoyed the first two. The second more than the first so that's a pretty good pattern to be on, if it lasts.

I'll let you know.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My mom means the world to me.

I adore her and can't imagine my life without her in it. She is very much responsible for who I am today for many, many different reasons. I want thank her for each and every one of those. She has supported me and encouraged me. She inspires me and challenges me. She loves me and lets me know it all the time. (just to name a few)

To you mom, on your Birthday and everyday, I love you so much.
Thank you for all that you do. You truly are the world's greatest mom.
Happy Birthday!!

To do list

Many of you know me well enough to know that write lists. I love lists. Some people love lists because they love to cross things off the list. I love the actual writing of the list and then I like looking at them. Depending on the type of list it is, I will keep it and refer back to it as often as I can or I will write it and never look at it again.

I wrote a list today that started out as a to do list for tomorrow and turned into a to do list for my life. It starts small and grows. I liked what I was writing and planning to do and I thought to myself that this is really stuff that I should just do everyday. So at some point I started thinking much more universally with this list and I went big. The list entertained me so much that I am going to share it here with you.

Without further adue, here is my to do list for life.

buy groceries
throw stuff out
call big brothers and get rid of so much
that's life
write write write
paint draw craft
walk, workout
eat well
plan, create, get out
live large, have fun
be excited and joyful
be grateful and gracious
buy a metal water bottle and get rid of plastic ones
dance, move my body more
visit Megan, Grandma, Grandpa, Karin
See my friends often
cook lots
simplify - I don't need things, I need experiences
Have a weekly date with self
Have a weekly date with Maria

This to me is a guide for what to do every day. I like this idea that if I have some down time or extra time off, I can refer to this list and pick something or many things off of it, to do.

Friday, 4 January 2008

My favourite movies of 2007

I see a lot of movies. I quite love movies and I love the whole experience of going to see them in the theater. When I rent movies, I can't sit still long enough. I'm up constantly; checking my email, getting something to drink, running to the bathroom, doing my dishes. It's rare for me to get fully engrossed in a movie I have rented at home.

A couple of days ago, I tried to compile a list of my favourite movies from 2007. What I found was this, what I deem to be some of my favourites are not what I deem to be some of the best. So my list is long. it is not only the best movies of 2007 but also my favourites. There are also a few movies on my list that actually came out in 2006 but they made the cut because I did not actually see them until sometime in 2007.

This year I am actually keeping a list of movies I see, when I see them so that in December I don't give myself a migraine trying to remember all the movies I've seen. It is January 5th today and already I've seen 7 movies this year. 3 new and 4 old. But that's next years list.

My favourite movies from 2007 are; in no particular order (too hard to do)

the lives of others
across the universe
knocked up
children of men
stranger than fiction
pans labyrinth
the bourne ultimatum
dan in real life
lars and the real girl
sweeney todd
the darjeeling limited
music and lyrics
live free or die hard

No Country for Old Men should probably be on this list but I kinda shot myself in the foot with that one. I blogged about being nervous to see it what with it being potentially violent and bloody so I read the entire story on and ended up knowing everything about the movie before seeing it. I knew exactly what was going to happen and when. It robbed me of being able to really enjoy this movie.

I feel like I am probably missing a few movies that I enjoyed this year and I struggled with putting other ones on the list like Michael Clayton and Fracture. These were good movies and I enjoyed them but I also forgot about them after seeing them.

And then there are the ones that came out in 2007 that I haven't see yet so they won't be on here until my 2008 list comes out.