Thursday, 16 July 2009


The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is coming up in 4 weeks and I have been walking a lot lately to train for the 60k. Stef and I walked 10kms on Sunday and again on Monday and then 12kms on Tuesday. I took a break from walking yesterday to let the blisters on my feet heal. 60kms over 2 days feels pretty daunting when my feet are aching after just 32kms over 3 days.

I am so close to my fundraising goal. I just need to raise another $245 to reach my goal of $2000. If you haven't donated to my journey yet and would like to, let me know and I'll send you the link to my webpage for the walk.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my journey, I so appreciate your generosity. I know that these are tough times and that money is tight for a lot of people. It makes your donations that much more meaningful.