Saturday, 30 March 2013


Well that's annoying. I used a lot of white space in my draft - I'm a fan of short paragraphs when blogging. Yet, when I published, it just shows up as one chunk of text. That's going to bug me!

*Update* I learned how to make paragraphs!

Hello 2013

I have just learned, in a very frustrating way, that blogging from my laptap is going to be annoying. I keep accidentally hitting things that make whatever I've written, disappear. Aaargh!

Twitter has killed blogging for me. There are few times that I wish I had more than 140 characters to say what I want to say. And even then I am usually just wishing for 15 more characters. I've lost the ability to sustain a topic beyond 140 characters - it's terrible! The only other time I wish I had more space for posting something is when I am making a list - I really do love lists!

I am in the process of making a life plan for myself and one of the things on my plan is to blog at least once a week. So that is the new deal. Though, while I figure out what I am going to use this space for, it may be a bit lame to read. In fact, unless you are my mom or my sister, I don't encourage you to watch this space. And if you are my mom or my sister - hi, thanks for reading!

The life plan is an investment plan. It was my chiropractor's idea and the timing was perfectly right for me to love the idea. The plan is to do the things now to invest in me that will pay out in my future (near or distant). I have started to draft what this plan will look like for me - so far I have come up with a fairly intensive but totally doable 6 month plan. Once I have it more concretely mapped out I will share it on here.

Til then, Happy Easter!

Enjoy the sunny long weekend