Thursday, 18 November 2010

Movies, movies, movies

This has been a busy semester for me. Between work, school and a social life (not to mention a trip to Palm Springs), I've barely found the time for other things. My hobbies seem to have fallen by the wayside and the only upside is that I am having enough fun that I've barely noticed. Until this morning, when I woke up (couldn't sleep might be more like it) and felt like writing. But here I am again, in a mood to write with nothing in mind to write about.

My film class is good. I am loving watching movies and learning all about them. Plus, we've watched some pretty great flicks so far.
The Birth of a Nation
Easy Street (Charlie Chaplin)
Sherlock Jr (Buster Keaton)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Germany)
Battleship Potemkin (Russia)
Citizen Kane (US)
Breathless (France)
Rashomon (Japan)
The Seventh Seal(Sweden)
Taxi Driver (US)

And in the next two weeks, we'll add Dead Ringers (Canada) and Pan's Labyrinth (Latin America) to the list.

As for movies in the theater, I've barely had time to get out. And to be honest, there haven't been a lot of movies coming out that I have been very excited to see. I have seen some good movies lately though. The Town (Ben Affleck) is a stand out. Nowhere Boy (the story of a pre-Beatle John Lennon) was great. It's Kind of a Funny Story was good. The Social Network was fantastic. - ok so I have seen some pretty good movies lately. I would include Fair Game on the list except that I ended up in the third row and since much of the filming is in close up with hand-held camera, I felt queasy for most of the movie, which took away from really being able to enjoy it.

Oscar season is about to begin and work and school will be winding down and so I might be seeing a lot more movies in December. Maybe I'll even beat last years record of 47 movies in 52 weeks.