Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This damsel in distress figured out how to save herself!

Tv is working! Computer is working!

Monday, 29 June 2009


I am tv-less and computer-less at the moment! Talk about making for a quiet and boring night. I am using my roommate's laptop to type this blog as my computer absolutely refuses to connect to the internet. It was working fine and dandy and then it quit. The tv was also working fine and dandy and then just quit. It's either a backlash from my technology or my roommate gaslighting me. Soon I'll come home to the fridge being warm and pictures hung upside down on the walls.

I made the discovery about the tv not working just when I had settled in to watch the two hour eppy of The Bachelorette. This show is an extreme not-so-guilty pleasure and it's been a rough couple of weeks so Monday nights are a little special to me. It's a bit of a date night where I make myself a delicious dinner, pour some wine, get into my comfies and watch Jillian make terrible decisions about who to keep and who to kick off.

I came home from a long day already knowing that I wasn't going to be able to unwind with the internet since it hasn't been working for a few days now. I got everything together and at 7:59 I turned on the tv. Nada, black screen, nothing, absolutely nothing. The unbelievable frustration I felt in that moment was horrible. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and veg out for a bit. Was that REALLY so much to ask??????

I called Stef and was out the door on my way to her place in minutes with a bottle of wine in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. Clearly turning to my comfort things and poor coping skills to help me through it.

At least watching the show with Stef is fun and adds another level of entertainment to it. Stef taped what I missed so in the end I didn't miss anything. Thanks sis!

I came home and spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what went wrong with the tv and came up with nothing. Despite what Meg thinks, I am TERRIBLE with technology. (Hi Meg! I'll talk to you soon!) My brother in law is going to come over tomorrow and see if he can figure anything out. I spent an hour on the phone with Shaw (mostly on hold) and that got me nowhere but I'll be calling them again anyway to send someone out here to help me figure it out. It's especially confusing since my roommate's wireless is still working just fine. Hence my suspicions that she is gaslighting me!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Power Hour

This week, my sister, roommate and I all decided to try having a morning 'power hour'. Since it hasn't worked out to exactly be 60 minutes for any of us, ST has now dubbed it 'Hammer Time'.

Hammer Time consists of getting up earlier than usual and spending 'an hour' doing something that feeds the soul. For each of us it's different. It ranges from any combination of the following; reading the bible, reading the course in miracles, meditating, writing, going for a walk or a run.

Days one and two were great and then life got in the way. My favourite saying this week has become "best laid plans...". Although until 10 seconds ago when I googled it, I had no idea how it ended. I just knew that it meant that you can make all the plans you want but you never know what is really going to happen. Here's the full quote, thanks to google and Robert Burns who wrote it - "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and leave us nothing but grief and pain instead of promised joy"

Life is always going to get in the way so it's just good practice to learn how to fit this in. It might mean getting up at what up until now has seemed like an ungodly hour. Oh the irony! An ungodly hour to get up and praise God!

I haven't been consistent with incorporating Hammer Time yet but am very committed to making it a daily part of my life. The few days I did it were great. It felt good to start my day with intention and some kind of spiritual practice .

Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Digs

I've moved!
What a week it has been! The move happened last Sunday and it went very smoothly. I hired movers to do the bulk of the work but then also had Stef, Mom, Steve, Meg and Carl helping me out too. (Thanks guys!!!) The move itself took 4.5 hours but then the tears and stress lasted another 72 hours.

The apartment that we've moved into is a fair bit smaller than where I've moved from. I have been living on my own in a big apartment with a lot of available storage. And I used all of it. Here in our new place, the closets aren't as tall or as deep and there isn't any extra storage. Plus not as much usable living space, so less room for furniture and book shelves etc.

I downsized before the move and have had to continue getting rid of stuff on a daily basis. There isn't room for everything and I am needing to let go of a lot of stuff I had accumulated. Most of it is easy to let go of but the process itself is overwhelming. At this point though, it feels good to have purged that much more. It's just stuff and the more 'stuff' you have, the more 'stuff' you have to take care of.

The other huge transition has been going from living alone to having a roommate. It's only been 6 days but so far I love living with someone. I thought it would be a huge adjustment and take some time to get used to but it's been really good.

As I was typing that sentence, a tiny little reddish moth landed on the wall in front of me and it's wings make the perfect shape of a heart. :-)

Now that the move is over and we are settling in to our new digs, I think that I will be able to get back to some sort of regularity with posting again. And Cooptown will get back on track as well.