Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let's talk about movies!

I am a movie lover!

If you know me or are familiar with my blogging you will already know that about me. I love everything about movies and I often wish that I had the discipline to write about them more often. I entertained the idea of writing movie reviews/critiques for about 5 minutes and then realized that I would make a terrible movie critic because I enjoy too many movies. And I only want to write about the movies that inspire me to want to write about them which would only be a handful a year.

For me, the greatest thing a movie can do is to make me feel something; and the worst offense a movie can make is to be forgettable. Someone asked me what I had seen recently and for the life of me I couldn’t remember. I had seen something a week earlier and had no memory of what it was. While racking my brain to try and remember what movie it was, I thought to myself ‘Well it obviously wasn’t very good’.

I did finally remember - It was Admission. And here’s the thing, it wasn’t a bad movie at all. I was entertained while watching it but had completely forgotten about it by the time I drove home from the theatre. At least if it had been bad it would have been memorable. Sorry Tina Fey! You did your best with what you were given.

I once rented a movie 3 separate times because I didn’t remember seeing it. Even now I only remember not to watch it again because of that – I still don’t remember anything about the movie. (XX/XY is the movie just so you all know not to bother). When a movie is thought-provoking or inspiring there is nothing better than a good discussion with other movie lovers. And then, after talking all about it, I love reading reviews, essays, critiques, tweets… whatever – I can’t get enough! I downloaded a nasty virus on my computer in my quest for more on Cloud Atlas. (I was in the process of creating a chart for which character had the birthmark in which time frame. The chart never did get finished – damn virus.)

I don’t want to debate whether a movie is good or not. It’s arbitrary and subjective and we are likely going to have differing opinions and we should be able to respect each other’s differences. What I want to know is how did the movie make you feel? What did you notice? What did you like? What did you hate? What caught your attention?

As for a movie that is forgettable… well, I don’t think I could sustain a 5 minute conversation about Admission. But start up a conversation about a movie that got me thinking or feeling something and I could probably talk all day long.


Sid Plested said...

Merry Christmas, Karli! (You know, we need a more direct means of communication...) You should join Alan and I for a drink next time we're out - I enjoyed talking to you when we met and it would be great to see you again. Sadly, don't expect Laurie to come out, right now yoga is eating her life.
Cheers, and I hope your tonsil gets better soon.
- Sid

kt said...

Sid! Merry belated Christmas to you too! I hope you are well. You're right, this is hilariously indirect! I'd enjoy joining you and Alan for a drink next time you get together. Let's make that happen in the new year. I hope you are enjoying (have enjoyed) your holidays!

Sid Plested said...

I think you left out a conjugation - will enjoy, after all there's still New Year's to come. That being said, it's actually been a pretty quiet holiday season, spent the 25th on my own as it turned out.

So - let's talk about movies. Have you seen The Imitation Game yet? It's so close to being a really excellent movie, but I thought it was a little too much of a Hollywood film, just a little too pat in some of the writing. It had the potential to be quite deep, but I think it ended up a bit too fluffy.

- Sid

kt said...

Sid, I am going to see The Imitation Game today. I've heard good things about it and your review helps seal the deal, so to speak. Near perfect is a damn good review of a movie.

I've seen a few great movies recently - Birdman, Wild, Whiplash, Pride (to name a few). I'm looking forward to adding this one today to that list.

And, yes, I did forget about New Years as being part of the holidays! I hope you have a very happy New Year's Eve/day. Cheers to a happy 2015!

Sid Plested said...

Comments on The Imitation Game? How is your tonsil?

- Sid

kt said...

I liked the movie. I was thoroughly entertained while watching it and the ending was infuriating. I didn't know anything about the real story and so was shocked by his outcome. Oh how times have changed!

My tonsil is still hyperactive and driving me crazy. I think I've caught a cold on top of it now too. Sheesh!

I hope you are well and avoiding all the crazy sickness that is running rampant. How was your New Years?


Sid Plested said...

Ummm...what exactly does a hyperactive tonsil DO? I gather it's more severe than having a short attention span, refusing to take naps and running all over the place?

I felt that The Imitation Game should have showed Turing's suicide - perhaps not the exact instant, but the discovery of the body or something like that, which might have been a good opening sequence, actually, rather like Lawrence of Arabia. It seemed like a bit of a cheat to just put up a line of type saying that he committed suicide, like ending Star Wars by putting up a caption that said, "And then they blew up the Death Star."

Take care of yourself - I hope your health improves soon and we can get you out for dinner and drinks.

- Sid

kt said...

Sid, I got quite a kick out of the doctor telling me that I have a hyperactive tonsil. Mainly, it was nice to finally have a diagnosis because it was a mystery for 2 other doctors.

As far as I can tell, a hyperactive tonsil just means it is very enlarged and causes me pain and discomfort and makes me very susceptible to catching something else. Apparently hyperactive means it is on high alert and ready and waiting to do battle with all the germs in the air - which are many when you work in a school!

I picture my tonsil like a too-young soldier just before or after his first battle - adrenaline pumping, eager, terrified, on high alert but actually terrified and with an unfortunate and worrisome trigger finger. His name is Lyle.

Agreed with you on The Imitation Game. It would have been an intriguing start to open with the discovery of his body. Funny Death Star comparison too - I feel like that could be a comedy sketch - remaking big movies but ending them early with a line of text telling us about the big dramatic event.

I am finally taking my resting orders seriously as I learned what happens when I don't. So I am hopeful and optimistic that I will be better soon.

Alan should have my email address if you would like to get it from him. I don't want to post it on here. I'm also good with continuing to comment on my blog if not - it makes it look popular :) (not at all)


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